Dr.. cordel percy

Dr.Percy B.Twine is originally from Chesapeake, Virgina. Dr.Twine attended Penn State University where he completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree program in the field of Food Science.

Food science is a discipline focused on all technical aspects of food. It is considered one of the agricultural sciences and is usually considered distinct from the field of nutrition. Food science is a highly interdisciplinary applied science. It incorporates concepts from many different fields including microbiology, chemical engineering, biochemistry and many others.

Upon the completion of his graduate studies at Penn State, Dr.Twine decided to pursue a career in dentistry. He attended the University of Pennsylvania for his dental training. He then continued his specialty training in endodontics at Louisiana State University.

Dr.Twine is currently a member of the American Association of Endodontics, and is board-eligible for the American Board of Endodontics. Dr.Twine was postgraduate faculty at Arizona School of Dentistry & Salud bucal (DCW-AEGD postgraduate facility) from 2012-2016.

Dr.Twine has lived in Phoenix with his wife and family since 2007. Most Sundays in the fall, you will find them somewhere rooting on their favorite teamsPenn State and The Pittsburgh Steelers.

“Estoy comprometido con los más altos estándares de atención y estado de la técnica de tratamiento de conductos radiculares. Estoy dedicado a proporcionar la calidad, cuidado cómodo y para asegurar mis pacientes tienen una experiencia sin dolor.”