“I would highly recommend this group of specialists. Friendly and professional staff put me right at ease. Dr. Walker took time to walk me through his observations and answered all my questions. This is an honest practice and if the root canal isn’t what you need, they will take time to explain other possible explanations/options.”
Mary P.
Google April ’16

“When the dentist told me that I needed a root canal, I was not very excited!!  Dr. Walker was recommended to me and I have to say – he was really good – I was amazed that it didn’t hurt like I thought it would. His front office was very nice. I would recommend Dr. Walker to anyone needing a root canal.”

Mesa, AZ
Yelp 1/30/16

“I have needed 2 root canals in the last month. The first was for a cracked tooth and the other was an old root canal (done by my regular dentist).  

As most people I was super nervous and had worked myself up a lot before actually arriving.  Once I was in the chair I had a lot of questions and concerns and Dr. Walker took a lot of time answer all of my questions, I didn’t feel rushed or pressured.  After the procedure (which to my surprise didn’t hurt at all) I was pleasantly surprised that the root canal felt natural in my mouth.  I have had a root canal done by my regular dentist 8 years ago and it didn’t feel settled for a year or so.  This root canal felt completely normal after about 2 weeks.

Then about 3 weeks after my first root canal, my old root canal started to feel sore, I went in to see Dr. Walker and he again took a lot of time to find the problem and explain to me what the issue was (a missed canal on the original procedure by my regular dentist).  He then scheduled me and fixed me right up!  Again, the procedure was pain free and I felt comfortable with him and his staff the entire time.

Its nice to have someone I can trust in the future and recommend to my friends.”

Jennifer M.Tempe, AZ
Yelp 9/18/15

“Had a great root canal experience in Dr Walker’s office.  He explained to me the whats and whys of what was going on with my tooth.    Didn’t even feel the shot!  My 3rd root canal and
this was the best experience ever!! “

Stella H.
Mesa, AZ
Yelp 4/30/16

“Most times when I have major dentistry done there have been complications, including infections. On the recommendation of our dentist, I consulted with Dr. Stephen Walker, an endodontist in Mesa. From the outset, I liked his open & frank manner. He spelled out the 3 options available to me, to repair a previous root canal job, which was now giving trouble.

On the strength of his recommendation, I opted for the surgical route – to remove the infected delta of tiny roots. This involved cutting into the gum to access the roots, & then stitches to hold the gum while healing. The procedure went off well, with zero problems or complications.
Remarkably, there was minimal pain or discomfort. I really appreciated Dr. Walker’s post-operative care – wish all doctors & dentists would put that much effort in.

Having had previous infections with serious oral work, I took Dr. Walker’s oral hygiene recommendations seriously, & followed all of them meticulously. On the 4th day following surgery, the stitches were removed. I am delighted to report that all went very well indeed – no complications, excessive swelling, or pain. This was a job exceptionally well done – with my grateful sincere thanks to Dr. Walker.”

David G
Vancouver, Canada
Google Feb 2015